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Feel the freedom of not having to depend on third parties! Record your company videos, Marketing videos, product videos, SEO videos … Hundreds of customers have guided us to create an iPad prompter ideal for you: robust and lightweight, portable and with the best glass beamsplitter on the market, A Teleprompter for iPad of unsurpassed quality at a price you can not believe.




HD Beamsplitter Glass

A beamsplitter glass with a quality never seen before in the optical industry. The soul of any teleprompter is without doubt the glass, it is important to use a specially created glass that allow you to record taking advantage of all the light of the scene and in turn, the reflection is perfect. For our TeleprompterPAD we have selected a HD beamsplitter glass that is resistant to impacts, with a clear and luminous reflection, the best on the market.

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100% Aluminum

Listening to our customers, we have taken care of every detail to create the perfect Teleprompter. Now our TeleprompterPAD are manufactured entirely in aluminum, a metal of high strength and lightness, essential characteristics for a robust, portable and easy to use prompter. The finishes are the highest quality and durability, from their electrostatic painting to the anodizing of their columns.

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Tripods, cameras, tablets … we fit in with everyone. Our TeleprompterPAD comes ready to fit tightly on any tripod, whether it is photography or video, with or without quick-release plate. Our Teleprompters are also compatible with virtually any handheld camera and accept touchscreen devices of various formats and operating system: iPad, iPhone, Tablets and Smartphones from both Apple and Android OS.

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perfect eye contact for videoconference

Desktop prompter and perfect eye contact for videoconference. Get your message across effectively, show confidence in your online meetings and make a lasting impression on your audience with this freestanding desktop teleprompter for teleconferencing, streaming and remote lessons.

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The new Teleprompter for iPad PRO

You’re big, little one! Our family grows, the new TeleprompterPAD iLight PRO 14” is the best ally for those looking for a large format prompter without sacrificing the advantages of potability and the undeniable advantage of working without cables. A great surface of reflection, similar to that provided by the classic and dashing PC-based Teleprompter, now compatible with iPad PRO and at an incredible price.

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It is not easy to summarize all the features of our TeleprompterPAD, so we will only mention the most remarkable.


Produce high-quality video content with just press REC. Video Marketing Made Easy.

High quality

Our quality surprises, Autocue, Ikan and TeleprompterPAD offer similar quality with different price.

The best price

If you are looking for a cheap iPad Teleprompter, one of the strengths of our TeleprompterPAD is its price.


Accident-proof materials and finishes. A competing teleprompter who falls, is a broken teleprompter.


In its simplicity lies its beauty, everything is useful, nothing is superfluous. TeleprompterPAD solves its functions with elegance.


Have any questions or suggestions, our technical support team will serve you in record time.

Thought for you

Hundreds of customers with the same needs have asked us for modifications, the result is a Teleprompter made-to-measure.

Easy to use

Even a child could use our Teleprompter, their installation does not require any special skills, as simple as mounting a camera on any tripod.


Whatever your question, we have a quick answer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my shipment? Do you send to my city? What methods of payment do you accept? Can I request an invoice? Find answers to these and other “hits” in our FAQ section.

Help in video format

With our detailed step-by-step interactive guides with infographics and video, you’ll become a Teleprompting expert in just a few minutes. Check our how-to-assemble video or our how-to-use the remote control.

Premium support

If you still have any specific questions or suggestions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you. Make a personalized consult from our contact section and we will answer you quickly.

Download free Teleprompter APP or paid Teleprompter APP

Our iPad teleprompter is compatible with all Teleprompter applications, both free and paid. If you are going to use our remote control we recommend using our professional TeleprompterPAD app included for free in all our packs, but also we have selected the best Teleprompter APP compatible with our remote control, see our interactive guide to find the best Teleprompter APP for your needs.

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