Buying cheap teleprompter: advantages and disadvantages

14 Jun 2016 Buy-cheap-teleprompter-advantages-and-disadvantages

Hello, today I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a cheap Teleprompter, such as the TP-iLight PRO and how it can help you talk to the camera. Are you interested? Then keep reading 😉

In case you don’t know, a teleprompter is a device that connects to the camera and reflects the text that the presenter will say in a mirror in front of the lens. In our blog, we have several articles devoted exclusively to it with the best tips and tricks on how to use it properly. But today’s article is a little different, because today, I want to show some advantages and disadvantages of using one and how it can help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

I will discuss the use of a teleprompter itself, either cheap or not, but as this page is dedicated to the cheaper version of these devices, when talking about them, I like to emphasize this feature: yes, the TP i-Light PRO is a cheap teleprompter but its advantages and disadvantages are the same to that of any teleprompter in the professional market 😉

Advantages of buying a cheap teleprompter

The first and perhaps the biggest advantage is that, by getting a cheap teleprompter you will be able to transmit the message accurately without those vices of language that we usually have in front of the camera, such as "fillers" like hmm, uh, actually… that are so uncomfortable to the viewer.

The more concise the message of your video, the better. This is, among other reasons, because viewing time on YouTube matters… a lot (audience retention metric).  It is much easier to watch a short video to the end compared to a long one, going directly to the point will help you make videos with good content but short-lived. But be careful not to be too dry! Remember to maintain relevance.

Another advantage of buying a teleprompter (either cheap or not) is that it makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera Because you won’t have to keep remembering everything you’re going to say, so you can concentrate more on how you say it, a very important factor to communicate well.

Also, you will lose much less time recording your videos, making your recordings spread more and make you feel less lazy about recording itself. It is true that learning takes some time and requires some practice, but once you get the hang of the teleprompter for iPad TP-iLight PRO it becomes a great ally.

Finally, there is another important advantage and it has to do with how YouTube positions the video. If you use a teleprompter iPad to record your videos, it is very easy and convenient to insert a subtitle file because you already have the file with the text ready. In addition to being an advantage to better position your videos on YouTube, as a side benefit, it will be more friendly because of the subtitles and it will be able reach a wider audience, including people who speak other languages ​​and can understand yours if they read it or they can use the simultaneous subtitle translation of YouTube. If you are using a teleprompter, don’t miss this great advantage.

Disadvantages to buy a cheap Teleprompter

At first, it is inevitable that you lose some spontaneity when you are reading. Of course, this tends to improve with practice, but as long as you get the hang of it, you must take this disadvantage into account. On the other hand, as I said, you will win by being more accurate and making sure to read the entire message, not forgetting anything important. So it’s always good to balance both things objectively to evaluate whether a video should be done with or without a teleprompter.

Price can be another disadvantage. Professional teleprompters (used in TV) are devices which price range is between 500€ and 2,000€, such as various models of the prestigious brand Ikan video accessories. Now, if you’re looking to record videos and upload them to YouTube, either for leisure or business, then these prices are obviously prohibitive. However, the new range of iPad or mobile teleprompters, have a very cheap price: the Teleprompter TP-iLight PRO, the R810-10or the tiny mini-teleprompter Parrot, all of them priced between 100€ – 150€ approx.

As you can see, the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages, what are you waiting for to get your cheap teleprompter? I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us. See you in the next article!