Under these lines answers to frequently asked questions that other users have asked us, both regarding the use of our website, our shop or use of our products. If you do not find the answer to your question, please send us a message through our contact section and we will answer quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Store

No, simply completing your shipment data and ready. If you want you can register during the checkout process to later review your orders from My account, but not required.

It’s not complicated, it is very easy: Once you have completed your order, check the box “create an account?” and automatically you will be assigned a username/password.

Yes, no problem, however it is best if you contact us before to check we have stock of the product / s you need. Drop by our contact section where you can meet our location and send a message or phone.

We accept payment via Paypal, payment via credit card and payment via bank transfer.

For everything related to your account go to the section my account. You can access at any time from the link at the top right of our page.

We have several shipping rates depending on the destination region:

Spain Iberian Peninsula & Portugal

  • Free Shipping: All orders over 250€ or more
  • Express Shipping 24/48h: 4,90€

Spain outside Iberian Peninsula [Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ceuta, Melilla]

  • Free Shipping: All orders over 250€ or more
  • Express Shipping 24/48h: 12,90€

Europe Zone 1 [Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom]

  • Free Shipping: All orders over 250€ or more
  • Express Shipping 3-5 days: 14,90€
  • Air Shipping 24/48h: 44,90€

Europe Zone 2 [Rest of Europe]

  • Free Shipping: All orders over 250€ or more
  • Express Shipping 3-8 days: 19,90€
  • Air Shipping 24/48h: 59,90€

America [USA & South America]

  • Express Shipping 3-7 days: 24,90€

Other areas of the world

  • Express Shipping 3-10 days: 34,90€

It usually takes less than 24 hours to prepare and ship the order. Orders placed before noon usually leave in the afternoon, orders placed afternoon usually leave the next day. At this time there will be added the estimated shipping time depending on the destination region:

  • Spain: 24 hours to provincial capitals or 48 hours to neighboring provinces
  • UE & UK: 3-6 days
  • Rest of Europe: 7-9 days
  • America: 5-10 days

No problem, let us know in the comments form, but do not forget to add a valid international VAT and other billing information in case of a mismatch with shipment data. We will contact you by email once sent the product.

Please send a message through our contact section and we will answer quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about our products

No. Carrying out the same settings as you usually do before recording (ISO, white balance, etc.) the image will look like if you record without using the teleprompter.

Excluding ING professional cameras (shoulder-cams), you can use a variety of cameras or devices:

  • DSLR
  • Semiprofessional cameras (like Sony NX100 or similar)
  • Handycams
  • Smartphones with built-in camera (requires adapter)
  • Sports cameras like GoPRO (adapter required)

Any tablet either Apple (iPad) or Android system as long as their dimensions do not exceed 25cm(9,9”) x 20cm(7,87”).

Any tripod is valid, you can put the quick release plate to the Teleprompter and this tripod. You do not need any accessories.

No. Our teleprompter have been tested with objectives of focal lengths from 18mm to 250mm without problems.

Our Teleprompter has a professional beamsplitter glass that used correctly does not produce double reflection. However, if you get too close or use a text size too small, the double reflection can be appreciable, to avoid it you must use it at a distance and text size appropriates.

For a Teleprompter with size and characteristics like the TP-iLight PRO, the ideal and recommended is read at a distance of 1.5m (5 feet) or more, because less distance the viewer will notice that you are reading in the movement of your eyes. The text should be a size that allows you to read without eyestrain, usually it is enough when you see 4 or 5 lines of text on the screen. Using black text on white background on your APP can improve reading.

Remotely using the teleprompter is not essential but very useful. Note that when you start reading may need to alter the speed, make small pauses or rewind if you’re wrong or you’re rehearsing. Whether you control yourself the teleprompter as if an operator or assistant helps you in this task, control it from the own screen tablet or mobile, although possible, is not very functional.

Yes. We have tested it with different iPad / Tablets with different versions of iOS/Android OS and all it worked perfectly. Surely with yours too, but if by chance does not work (unlikely), you can return it without cost.

Put the knob Teleprompter-GAME mode by sliding the side switch up.
Note: Not all Teleprompter APPs allow you to use/configure the controller, below we recommend that we use.

As we have said many times, there are many valid teleprompter aplications, some free and some for sale. We prefer the following:

  • For iPad. For sale: iCue (also known as iAutocue and prompterPal). It is the best, it lets you configure each key on the controller.
  • For iPad. For free: dv Prompter. More basic but good choice to start.
  • For Android. For free: Simple Teleprompter. It could improve but has everything you need.

The glass should clean it carefully, because it is delicate and could scratch or damage the reflective layer. If the glass is not very dirty it is sufficient to clean using a lens cleaning cloth moistened with a few drops of alcohol. To clean more thoroughly you can apply some soapy water using a soft cloth, rinsing and draining to completely remove the soap.

The glass should clean carefully, using a lens cleaning cloth or a soft cloth moistened with a few drops of alcohol.

Please send a message through our contact section and we will answer quickly.