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Presidential prompter. Elevate your presentations to the next level with this fantastic podium-presidential-conference Teleprompter or aka Speech prompter.

This cheap pack includes remote control and suitcase.

Presidential prompter or also called podium prompter. Elevate your presentations to the next level with this fantastic Presidential Teleprompter.

Buy this Pack that includes remote control and suitcase*.

The so-called presidential prompter or conferente teleprompter are tools that allow a speaker who addresses a face-to-face audience in a live event, maintain a visual link with their audience, without needing to look at a paper or some other type of annotation.

Maintaining our recognized quality standard, this is probably the cheapest presidential teleprompter on the market, without sacrificing the usability and durability that define our professional products catalog.

Do not know what a Teleprompter is? You are probably interested in consulting the definition of teleprompter in Wikipedia or maybe our Teleprompter definition page.

How does a presidential prompter work?

These Teleprompter for podium reflect the screen of a Tablet / iPad device in the inner part of a special glass. This special glass called beamsplitter has one side with translucent mirror properties while the other part is transparent.

The text is reflected on the inside of the mirror but not on the outside. The text is at the height of the lecturer’s eyes, while keeping his eyes on his audience. The text is handled remotely with the help of a bluetooth remote control and a Teleprompter APP installed on the device. Learn how to do it from our guide: How to use the remote control for prompter.

The TeleprompterPAD iPresent and similar products are widely used tools by lecturers, gurus and high level politicians (practically all US presidents have used it since the 1950s) so they can read their speeches in a fluent way. Generally, 2 devices are used together, placed one on each side of the speaker, in such a way that you can look both ways and make sweeps with your eyes to the entire audience, while changing from one mirror to another naturally.

*This Pack does not include Tablet, iPad o monitor, you can use your own device/s.

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