TELEPROMPTER PAD Smartphone Adaptor for Teleprompter

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Record with your smartphone on your teleprompter: With this easy-to-configure adapter, you can use your iPhone or Android phone as a DSLR, to ensure a perfect fit of the prompter’s blackout fabric around our round aluminum panel.

COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SMARTPHONE: Our extendable smartphone clip can fit any device up to 8.5 cm [3.3 inches] wide.

COMPATIBLE WITH ANY TELEPROMPTER: Use with any teleprompter on the market with a standard 1/4″ slot, similar to those found on the bottom of DSLR cameras. Our adapter mounts to your teleprompter using a universal 1/4 camera screw 4″.

Record with your smartphone on a teleprompter: With this easy to set up adaptor you can use your iPhone or Android phone as a DSLR, to ensure a perfect fit of your prompter’s opacifying cloth around our aluminum round panel. Make the most out of your teleprompter and stay relevant by increasing your content production and communication skills on your social media content or online marketing efforts.

Portrait and Landscape Mode: Record your social media content in portrait mode directly with your phone and avoid dealing with bulky DSLR cameras and transfering files between devices. Switch between portrait and landscape in a matter of seconds and save time and money.

Universal Smartphone Compatibility: Our extendable phone clamp can fit any device up to 8.5cm wide [3.3 inches]. Use your iPhone or Android phone camera to record your online marketing videos, social media content, Youtube vlogs and Tiktok shorts or online course material with a teleprompter and increase your productivity.

Compatible with any teleprompter: use it with any teleprompter on the market with a standard 1/4″ groove or slot, similar to those located in the bottom of DSLR cameras. Our adaptor is secured to your teleprompter using an industry standard 1/4″ universal camera screw. Attach your smartphone to your prompter just like you would with your DSLR camera and securely fit the autocue garment to our accessory for a light leak free dark chamber and the best quality recordings.

Enhanced Convenience and Durability: Speed up your workflow and get your teleprompter hood to easily fit snug around our accessory, preventing light leaks and ensuring high quality recordings. Manufactured with the best lightweight aluminum and coated in microtextured paint for increased durability and scratch resistance.

Unlock the true potential of your teleprompter with the TELEPROMPTER PAD Smartphone Adaptor Grid. Seamlessly integrate your iPhone or Android phone, revolutionizing content creation and communication with your audience.

Record like a Pro:
Use your smartphone as a DSLR camera with our easy-to-set-up adaptor. Say goodbye to clunky cameras and embrace the convenience of using your smartphone for flawless recordings. Stay relevant in the fast-paced world of social media and online marketing by increasing your content production and communication skills.

Portrait and Landscape Mode:
Elevate your social media content game by recording in both portrait and landscape modes directly with your smartphone. No more hassle of transferring files between devices or investing in expensive equipment. The phone grid allows you to save time and money while ensuring professional-grade content.

Universal Smartphone Compatibility:
TELEPROMPTER PAD fits any device up to 8.5cm wide, harnessing the power of your smartphone to create captivating content for various platforms. Create exceptional content without worry, as our adaptor seamlessly integrates with any teleprompter featuring a standard 1/4″ groove or slot.

Enhanced Convenience and Durability:
Streamline your workflow with precision design and premium lightweight aluminum, ensuring durability, scratch resistance, and longevity. Its compact size and easy portability make it the perfect companion for on-the-go content creators.

The TELEPROMPTER PAD Smartphone Adaptor Grid is a game-changer for content creators, influencers, marketers, educators, and anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills. Invest today and unlock your true potential.

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