Learn how to use our remote for teleprompter step by step

NOT ALL TELEPROMPTER APP WORKS WITH ALL TELEPROMPTER REMOTE CONTROLS: We can not assure that other APPs not recommended in this guide work ok with our remote.

It is not necessary that you read the whole guide, we have structured it so that you only consult the sections corresponding to your device. If you have questions contact us , we are here to help you 🙂

Video tutorial how to connect the teleprompter remote with your device via bluetooth


IOS APP: Teleprompter applications for Apple iOS

iOS – How to use DVprompter APP with the TeleprompterPAD remote

With the DVprompter APP in iOS, the remote allows you the basic functions. It is a good application for begin, which has the advantage of being free .

Download the free DVprompter APP from this link:

iOS – How to use the PrompterPal APP or the iCue APP with the TeleprompterPAD remote

The PrompterPal APP, also known as iAutocue or iCue , in our opinion is the best teleprompter application for iOS, allows you to redefine each button of the remote depending on your preferences.

It is a paid APP, but if you are going to use it frequently it is worth it. The 3 App are the same, they are clones, however, because of brand licensing policies, the prices are different and they are changing often (5€-10€), so we recommend that you visit the 3 links and choose the cheapest one.

You can download the different versions of this APP from the following links:

iOS [Beta] – How to use the Web-APP TeleprompterPAD with the TeleprompterPAD remote

Our Web-APP is in Beta version and in constant evolution, it can contain some bug but it is a good option for quick works, taking full advantage of the remote functions.

You can use the TeleprompterPAD web application for free from this link:

Android APP: Teleprompter applications for Android

Android – How to use Simple Teleprompter APP with the TeleprompterPAD remote control

Simple Teleprompter is an application easy to use, its functions are basic but together with the remote for teleprompter iLight PRO they make a very practical and easy to use system.

Download Simple Teleprompter APP for free from this link:

Video to text transcription and infographic guide

Buttons of the teleprompter remote

AAA batteries for iLight PRO teleprompter remote control

The remote control is powered by 1.5V AAA batteries that are not included. The average autonomy of the fully operational remote is more than 40 hours. For longer life we recommend using alkaline batteries.

To install the batteries remove the back cover by inserting the nail into the tab. The lid is opened and closed with a click system at several points, you have to pull the lid firmly from point to point.

When the batteries of the remote start to run out, the led will blink, at this time please replace the batteries with new ones.

If the remote control is on, and not synchronized for more than 5 minutes, it will turn off to save battery. If the remote control is on, and synchronized but not active for more than 30 minutes, it will turn off to save battery power.

Accommodation for teleprompter remote control batteries

Basic Functions for the Teleprompter Remote iLight PRO

  • TURN ON: Press the START button for 2 seconds, the Led light will come on.
  • TURN OFFf: Press the START button for 5 seconds, the Led light will blink very fast and will eventually turn off.
  • RESET: Remove both batteries for 30 seconds and place them back. It is useful when the remote does not respond well, does not synchronize, does not turn on/off or has strange operation.

Setting up the remote for your device

Our remotes are compatible with the two main systems of smartphones and tablets of the market: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).

The remote is recognized as MOCUTE, the way to pair will be similar for all devices. To pair your remote follow these instructions.

Compatible with iOS and Android Tablets and Smartphones

How to synchronize remote for teleprompter with our device

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings screen of your device and confirm that the Bluetooth function is activated..
  2. Turn on the remote. Shortly after turning on the LED flashes, indicating that it is looking for devices.
  3. After a few seconds you should see the remote as MOCUTE. Press to pair, switching to “connected”. From now on, every time you turn the Teleprompter remote on and off, it will automatically connect, if it is not your case, simply click on the name of the remote (MOCUTE) to reconnect.

NOTE: If your device does not appear after a few minutes, or you have trouble connecting, see the last section of this guide: TROUBLESHOOTING.

Modes of use of the remote for teleprompter iLight PRO

The MODE1 side button allows you to set the remote in two different modes. As a teleprompter or player controller (remote of the audio / video player). Slide the side button to one side or the other to toggle between the two modes of use.

Swipe selector to put in Teleprompter mode

Player mode (side selector MODE1)

In this mode the remote acts as a multimedia player remote control for applications such as Spotify. Although not the reason for this guide, we comment that under this mode the X-Y-A-B buttons and Joystick will be used to control playback, volume or play songs.

Teleprompter mode (side selector MODO1)

In this mode the remote acts as the controller of the main teleprompter APPs. In order to use the remote control with your teleprompter, always remember to configure it in this mode before using your teleprompter APP.

TRICK: If, when you press the X-Y-A-B buttons on the remote, the volume goes up and down on your device, this indicates that the remote is NOT in the correct mode, you must change the side switch to control your teleprompter application.

“Mouse click” button

This button simulates the click of a mouse. Works with Android devices. It can be useful when using the Joystick with the knob upright, regardless of the APP used, in this position it is more comfortable to use this button.

How to control the main teleprompter APPs with the remote

Here is an example of how to control some teleprompter applications. Remember that before opening the application you must verify that the configuration of the remote is correct:

  • From the Bluetooth configuration check that the remote is correctly paired.
  • Set the remote in Teleprompter mode (side selector MODO1 in Prompter Mode).

How to use the remote for teleprompter iLight PRO to control the APP Simple Teleprompter (Android tablet or smartphone)

Simple Teleprompter Simple Teleprompter is an easy-to-use application, its functions are basic but together with the remote control for teleprompter, it is a very practical and easy to use system.

To use our teleprompter remote with the APP Simple Telepormpter, place the remote in a vertical position with the joystick up, and do the following:

  1. Set Fontsize to an appropriate size: We recommend 100-128 (10″ device).
  2. Set Scrollspeed at an appropriate speed: We recommend 6-8 (10″ device).
  3. Create or open a text, press SAVE AND START to launch it. The controls are as follows:
    • Joystick down: play/pause
    • Joystick left: move forward
    • Right joystick: rICUewind

How to use the remote for teleprompter iLight PRO to control the APP dv Prompter (iOS: iPad/iPhone)

With la APP DV Prompter on iOS, the remote lets you perform the basic functions. It is a good application to test, which has the advantage of being free, however we recommend the APP iCue, is a payment application (about 5 €), but is much better option, allowing you to configure the remote to your liking and being much more operative (we explain its operation in the next tab on this guide).

To use the remote for teleprompter with the APP dv prompter, follow these steps:

  1. Set Remote Type to “Bluetooth”.
  2. Set Font Size to an appropriate size: We recommend 36pt (10″ device).
  3. Set Slow Time to 10 sec. and Fast Time to 1 sec.
  4. Set Scroll Speed ​​to an appropriate speed: We recommend 5-7 (10″ device).
  5. Open or create a text and it will start automatically. The functions allowed in this APP are:
    • Joystick Center Position: play
    • Joystick Down Maintained: Pause
    • Joystick down 2 Quick Taps: change the speed alternately between slow, normal, and fast.

Selecciona “Remote Type”

Select “Bluetooth”

How to use the remote for teleprompter iLight PRO to control the APP iCue (iOS: iPad/iPhone)

The iCue APP (also known as iAutocue and PrompterPal), from our experience is the best application of teleprompter for iOS, allows you to redefine each key of the remote according to your preferences. It is a payment APP (about 5 €), but if you are going to use it is worth it.

NOTE: Our remote for teleprompter works internally as a keyboard, each of its buttons corresponds to 2 keys of a keyboard, one when you press the button and another when you release the button. For example, if you press the A button on the remote, your device thinks that you have pressed the “h“ key on a keyboard and when you release the A button, your device thinks you have pressed the “r“ key. This happens with each of the front buttons and with the 4 directions of the joystick (up, down, left and right).

Our teleprompter remote works like a Bluetooth keyboard

To use the remote for teleprompter with the APP iCue, follow these steps:

  1. Create or open a text.
  2. Press the gear (top right) to display the configuration menu
  3. Click on the “remote“ menu and choose the option “Blue Tooth keyboard“
  4. Now you can configure each function of the application with a button of your remote control (or a direction of the Joystick), so do the following for each of the functions you are interested in redefine:
    • Click on the screen the action you want to control, for example the first one is Play/Puase, click on it to change it (it will turn blue).
    • Press a button or push a Joystick direction on the remote, for example, press the Joystick down and release it. You just set up the Play/Pause function that will run when you push the joystick down on your remote.
    • Repeat this sequence with each of the functions you want to control from the remote: fast forward/rewind, increase/decrease speed, etc.
    • TRICK: Keep in mind that each button on the remote control corresponds to 2 keys (one when you press and another when you release), if you prefer to set the press key, hold down the remote button (or Joystick direction) and before releasing it, press In “activate“.
    • Make sure there are no repeated keys to prevent undesired operation.

You can configure your remote control as you like, as a reference, we use this combination of buttons:

Configure the buttons of your remote as you like

Keyboard/Mouse Button (MODE2)

When you activate this function, the LED lights green. This button activates/deactivates different functions depending on the characteristics of your device:

MODE2 button: Keyboard/Mouse

Activate “On-Screen Keyboard” function (MODE2 button on iOS)

  • iOS: Shows / hides the on-screen keyboard. Very useful when you need to make a correction in a teleprompter text or if you need to punctually the on-screen keyboard to use another APP (Email, Whatsapp, search the internet, etc).
  • Android: The keyboard option in Android is not available, in Android this MODE2 button activates the navigation option with mouse pointer (described in the following section). To show/hide the on-screen keyboard on Android, please turn off the power by pressing START for a few seconds. After using the keyboard, turn the remote back on. It is less direct but equally effective.

Activate “Navigate with Mouse Pointer” (MODE2 button on Android)

  • iOS: The iOS navigation option is not allowed, in iOS this MODE2 button activates the show/hide keyboard option (described in the previous section)
  • Android: Navigates between menus and applications. In the case of some tablets and smartphones, a mouse pointer will appear as in a PC. This pointer can be operated with 2 remote orientations:
    1. Side switch MODE1 in position Prompter Mode: control in horizontal position with joystick to the left. To click, use the B button. To return, use the EXIT (Esc) button.
    2. Side switch MODE1 in position Player Mode: control in vertical position with joystick up. To click, use the button “mouse click”. In this orientation does not work the EXIT button, to exit you must temporarily deactivate the MODE2 function.

NOTE: For Android devices that do not support mouse pointer display, you can navigate between APP elements and menus with directional arrows using the Joystick by controlling the navigation movements by doing the following:

  • WITHOUT PRESSING THE MODE2 BUTTON, Side switch MODE1 in position Prompter Mode: Control in horizontal position with joystick to the left. To click, use the A button. To return, use the EXIT button or the B button.

Help to pair with the remote

The most common problems with Bluetooth peripherals have to do with the synchronization of the Bluetooth system itself. Our remote has been tested with various devices (phones, tablets, PCs and even TVs) being very easy to connect, however on specific occasions it might not match the first one.

The remote does not appear in the list of bluetooth devices

Sometimes, when the remote is shown as being available on several devices at the same time, it is no longer displayed in others, so it may not appear on your device, even when the remote has not connected to other devices. For example if you are trying to pair with your tablet and there are smartphones in the room with the bluetooth activated, it is possible that the signals interfere.

If you have several devices within reach, turn off the bluetooth of other devices temporarily while you try to pair first time with your main device.

The remote pairs with one device but not with another

If you have successfully connected to other devices but you do not get it with yours, this happens because when the remote is connected to a device, the remote control is reconfigured at firmware level, to connect to your device it is advisable to disconnect from the first device and Reset the remote. To do this try the following sequence:

  1. Turn off the remote by pressing START until the light goes out.
  2. On your devices, if your remote appears in the list of any of them, choose “disconnect“ and then “omit device“.
  3. Turn on the remote.
  4. Remove both batteries for 30 seconds, and place them back.
  5. Turn on the remote and try to pair again.

The remote fails to connect

This can happen when we try to connect and the remote has not started internally. Check the following according to your case:

  • The first time the controller is recognized on a device, the control follows a boot process showing the device with different names until it stabilizes, wait about 30 seconds after displaying the name MOCUTE to avoid a connection error.
  • If your device has already been connected previously, its name appears in the list of bluetooth devices of your device. This can be confusing. Normally the controller will be connected automatically when the startup is complete, if you do it manually, it may not have completed the startup and will give this error. If you are going to connect manually, avoid anticipating your startup.

Other recommended solutions:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on the device before connecting.
  • Turn off and on the Bluetooth on your device again.
  • Disconnect the remote if it was previously connected.
  • Replace the batteries in the remote.
  • Try to pair the remote with another device to confirm that it is not a remote problem.
  • Try connecting another bluetooth peripheral to your device to confirm that it is not a device problem.

Sometimes when a bluetooth device does not connect, we get nervous and touch everything at once, please be patient, follow the connection sequence or the tips in this section step by step. If you still can not connect do not hesitate to contact us or request a refund or change.

We hope you enjoy your new teleprompter. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.