Teleprompter price ranking (cheap and not-so-cheap)

14 Jun 2016 teleprompter-price-ranking

Today, I brought you a ipad teleprompter price comparison in which I examine four low prices autocues, to help you, in case you’re interested, to buy a cheap teleprompter without sacrificing quality. To do this, I highlight the main features, both advantages and disadvantages (and of course its price) of the main models of market teleprompter, chosen for having a good quality/price ratio.

Teleprompter for iPad Forest | Teleprompter price: 337€

Let’s start this particular teleprompter price ranking with the Forest. This brand specializes in TV stands (legs and wall brackets and stuff), instead of video accessories, however, the quality of their teleprompter is not bad.

Teleprompter price ranking: Forest
Teleprompter price ranking: Forest Teleprompter | price: 337€

This teleprompter has an average price in the market, somewhat higher than three hundred euros. It’s pretty tough thanks to an acrylic frame, but the rest of its structure is somewhat heavy, about 4.5kg total. As main advantage, note that it comes with an aluminum case, which allows it to be easily transported. To this portability is added an adjustable stand that is included with the teleprompter, allowing flexibility of between 14 and 20 centimeters to compensate for the height difference between different cameras.

The crystal quality for the Forest teleprompter for iPad is 60/40, which means that we lose a significant amount of light that we compensate with artificial lighting or forcing the opening or iris on the lens of our camera, with the consequent problems of noise appearance (digital grain) in recordings. There is no solution included to hook the tripod, so you will have to manage.

Maybe we could get a better price (cheaper) if given the option not to buy the bag, so it may be more interesting to consider more affordable and flexible options.
You can see it here:

Teleprompter Autocue DSLR Starter Series iPad | Teleprompter price: 1.008€

The "Autocue DSLR Starter Series iPad Teleprompter Bundle" has the same problem, especially because this model, despite being the cheapest of its range, it’s over the thousand euros, not cheap at all. Quality, for that price is more than proven but it is too much money for most of our pockets, even for the professional environment.

Teleprompter price ranking: Autocue-DSLR-Starter-Series-iPad
Teleprompter price ranking: Autocue DSLR Starter Series iPad | price: 1.008€

It can be mounted on a rail system, which makes it very manageable and flexible (as it allows to include a wide range of accessories). The standard kit, however, only includes the teleprompter (picture accessories: screen, arm, follow-focus… are not included and, obviously, the camera isn’t either). By the way, this model is compatible only with DSLR cameras (Reflex type photo camera).

Autocue is a specialized brand of video accessories with teleprompter models of professional range priced between $1,500 and $2,300 and specific accessories, but these products have a professional approach, which added to the price and its cumbersome handling and installation, make it a less suitable product for SMEs, youtubers or domestic use.

I’m leaving the link here:

Ikan universal elite teleprompter for tablets with remote control | Teleprompter price: 900€

The brand Ikan also has a teleprompter for tablets worthy of mention in this comparative. In this case, the kid we recommend is accompanied with a Remote control included in the price. Again, we are talking about a company specializing in stands and professional video stabilizers, with a wide range of high quality products with an entry price maybe a bit too high (even in its most basic models as this case) and not even talking about the most professional models, with prices close to 2,000€.

Teleprompter price ranking: ikan
Teleprompter price ranking: Ikan Teleprompter | price: 900€

The kit includes the base and structure to create a portable teleprompter compatible with a large number of cameras on the market, allows tablets up to 9×12 inches and the company has developed a free teleprompter APP: "ELITE Prompter – Professional Teleprompter" you can find it in both Google Play and Apple AppStore. Its advantage is that the system includes a Bluetooth remote control that can be activated by a laser pointer.

It is, without doubt, a high quality product but if you want a teleprompter by the No. 1 maker in the market, you have to empty your pocket and pay a high price, in our opinion, too much for what it offers, or put another way, you pay for the brand.

The other details of this model can be found here: >

Teleprompter TP-iLight PRO universal iPad/Android | Teleprompter price: 159€

Finally, to end this comparison, another good (unbeatable, in fact) value and price relation is the TP-iLight PRO An economic teleprompter for domestic use (SMEs or Youtuber) as a professional.

Teleprompter price ranking: TP-iLight PRO
Teleprompter price ranking: TP-iLight PRO | price: 159€

This teleprompter can be transported comfortably as it is fairly light (weighs just over 1kg) and it’s easily folded and dismantled without using tools. It supports all kinds of Android tablets, also the iPad 1 2 3 4 or Air models, and even any mobile phone with maximum size of approximately 25cmx20cm. The standard kit includes an aluminum and high quality acrylic structure, which makes the TP-iLight PRO a robust and very resistant teleprompter. Finally, its ultra-thin, clear reflection glass is based on the effect of camera obscura, so it allows to take advantage of practically all the lighting of the scene that enters the camera lens.

Besides being available in major stores and its own web page, it doesn’t have a good price, but the best, also, it has a white design model designed for white tablets or just for lovers of exclusive things, it’s a unique design in the market and probably others will soon follow.

Teleprompter ipad/android tablet TP-iLight PRO Blanco
iPad/Tablet Teleprompter TP-iLight PRO White

You can find more information here:

And so this teleprompter ranking ends with some of the best options in the market with good quality/price ratio. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us. See you soon in a new article.