Teleprompter for Youtubers. How to write the script?

14 Jun 2016 teleprompter-for-youtubers

If you use a teleprompter for youtubers to record and upload a video to YouTube either for leisure or business, I’m sure you understand that it is very important to sound natural and convincing. You may have some experience writing articles for blogs or making videos, but writing your own scripts to use them with a teleprompter needs to consider some specific details. You will have to look out on the peculiarities of this type of texts that are somewhat different.

Teleprompter for youtubers: Simple tips for writing scripts

In professional studios, the teleprompter is a very expensive device that is attached to the camera and projects the words above the lens, but today, free APP’s can be downloaded , which lets you use your tablet as the primary display of very economical and versatile teleprompter devices, such as TP-iLight PRO. So you can record your own videos and cast as a TV professional. Welcome to the era of "teleprompter for youtubers".

With a Teleprompter iPad you can write exactly what you want to say because you don’t have to memorize or improvise anything, but it is important to write your presentation exactly as you talk because if not, it will sound like you’re reading an article. And it is precisely here that lies the difference between writing an article to be read by third parties (e.g. on a blog) or write to read it yourself facing the camera and your YouTube audience. Practice the following tips:

  • As you type, read in loud voice and avoid writing what sounds overly formal and mechanical. Use colloquial phrases to avoid sounding like an encyclopedia.
  • Do not write numbers (10,000), but its version in letters (ten thousand).
  • The same applies if you use any abbreviations that you will say complete instead. Turn them into the corresponding phrase (e.g. don’t write "USA", but "United States", "North America" ​​or whatever you’re going to say).
  • If you do not have fluency with languages and there are some complicated word that you’re not sure how to pronounce (e.g. a foreign city or last name), you can write the words in google translate and press the audio button (small speaker) to hear how they are pronounced, then type the word phonetically, as written in your language (e.g. instead of "Hola" write "Oh-la").
  • Some teleprompter APPs allow some marks so you can then skip between them (e.g. several asterisks "***"). Enter a mark in front of each paragraph or section, this way, if you mess up, you can easily go back to the earlier mark.
  • Add annotations to help you change the pace, gesticulating, laughing, etc… For example, you can put these annotations in brackets: "Hello I’m talking to you [point finger at camera, smiles and wink]… if you want to do such a thing…"
  • Write a joke if applicable (if the topic allows it) or any clarification that seems improvised.
  • Use capital letters, they are easier to read.
TIP: Learn the pronunciation of a word in another language.

Practice your spontaneity

YouTube viewers are impatient, slow and long videos are too boring, causing the viewer to lose attention quickly, pause the video and look for a better one. A teleprompter for youtubers such as TP-iLight PRO and a good script will help you make shorter videos, more focused on the topic and therefore more useful and successful.
The only thing you should worry about is improving your spontaneity and for that you must take into account three main factors:

  • Changes of pace.
  • Gesticulation.
  • Empathy.

Don’t interpret, just speak as you do when you aren’t reading. When practicing, try to give a little more speed and emphasis in parts of the text where you should show more energy, then less speed when the explanation is more complex or you’re talking about less effusive issues. Imagine that you’re talking to someone in particular (a friend or close relative) and, specially, don’t stand still (move your hands to explain things, look away from time to time, to make it seem like you’re thinking…). All of this will help so people won’t notice that you are reading.

I hope these tips can help you improve your skills when writing a script for teleprompter for Youtuber 😉