Top 20 best teleprompter app

21 Mar 2016 best-teleprompter-apps-for-iOS-and-android

The iPad and its alter-ego in Android system have changed our lives almost without realizing it. Many of the tasks that recently we were doing with computer software (PC or Mac) have been replaced by the convenience of a portable, lightweight and fast running applications (apps) easy to install, use and best of all, many of them are free.

In the field of professional video, one of the faster adaptation tasks to the field of iPad tablet Android has certainly been the use of Teleprompter (also called autocue, prompter, pointers …). And with the explosion of video on the Internet both at level of business or company, as at the level of leisure (the vast universe YouTuber), joint with the cheapening of systems like our Teleprompter iPad, with affordable prices for every pocket … all this has made the iPad/Android and its apps in the obscure object of desire of every professional and amateur videographer.

Now, with dozens of apps available in the major two stores (AppStore and Android GooglePlay), some of them not free, decide which is the best app teleprompter or which one will best fit your needs, it’s complicated. I have therefore prepared this next guide to help you a bit and make your life easier 😉

Now, to the nub of the issue, first a brief summary of the topics:

    1. How to use your iPad or Android tablet as a teleprompter with an app
    2. Points to consider when choosing a teleprompter app
    3. Top 10 teleprompter app for iPad/iPhone (free and paid)
    4. Comparison Table: iPad teleprompter Apps
    5. Top 10 teleprompter app for Android (free and paid)
    6. Comparative table: Android Tablet teleprompter Apps
    7. Conclusions

How to use your iPad or Android tablet as a teleprompter with an app

Here, we will go the point because if you’re reading this article you probably know or you imagine how a teleprompter works. If so you can skip to the next section, however, I will try to be brief.

In essence, it is a text passing on the screen (a script you had previously written) so that allows you to read it reflected in a mirror behind which is the aim of your camera. This allows you to read the script without the need to memorize the text and avoiding mistakes, however facing the viewer seems you’re talking naturally since you do not stop looking at the camera. It is a great help, as you’ll know, used in 90% of television programs today and in live presentations or public hearings, as the well-known and controversial case of US President Obama and his trusty teleprompter.

The way to use it is simple:

  • Open your favorite teleprompter app
  • Load (or write directly) the text you want to say to camera
  • Place the iPad at the base of your teleprompter
  • Press record the video and read the text while looking at the camera

Then you can edit your video, choosing the fragments you like the most.

Very soon I will prepare for you a guide on how to edit a video easily, quickly and with a professional finish.

Points to consider when choosing a teleprompter app

Depending on your needs and the type of use you will give to the app, is possible you’ll settle with a free teleprompter app with some limitations or limited functionalities that may not be useful or essential. However, to use an iPad or Android tablet with a professional teleprompter based on a mirror system, there are a number of minimum requirements to be met by your app.

Essential specifications for a teleprompter app:

  • Mirror text: allows you to see the text as if was reflected in a mirror, so that when you look in the mirror, you read correctly (without this functionality it would be upside down and it would be impossible to read).
  • Adjustable text speed: you must be able to regulate the speed of the text to suit your reading rate.
  • Adjustable text size: the distance to your camera must be marked by your target, minimum recommended of 50-55mm (below this focal length, the image is eformed with an undesired angular fish-eye effect). If the text is too small or too big without an option to change it, you will be forced to place the camera where it allows to read and the frame probably would not be the correct. In addition, a text too small will make you focus the eyes and the audience will notice you’re reading can be unnatural.

Optional Specifications for a teleprompter app:

  • Save Text: Some apps allow you to write the text but you cannot save it, so it forces you to work in the same session.
  • Import text: Whether from the cloud or from your own device, it is certainly a very useful option.
  • Cable remote control: with a keyboard command, a pedal or even with headphones. Allows you to vary the speed on the fly (accelerating or decelerating), pause, rewind, resume, etc. … without having to approach the iPad/tablet each time.
  • Remote Control by wifi-bluetooth: similar to above but without cable.
  • Audio Remote Control: controls the speed of text and start and pause, using a system that "listens" through the microphone what you are reading. It’s not a perfect system but it is a cheap option.
  • Record video: Some apps allows you to record video from the front camera of the device.

Whether you choose to control your teleprompter app with a remote cable or wireless option, in our shop we have a section of accessories that may interest you browse before deciding for an app or another.